Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb 2015, VW Canadian Styling


It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since my media man and I drove this hill. Since that time, I’ve been involved with other racer types. It was so cool when I received the following in an email.
Sead Causevic runs a couple race teams in ChumpCar World Series. One hit the wall this past season at Pacific Raceways and it was scary bad for the driver, but he walked away somewhat unscathed.
This team has a great following and I’m proud to share his video of their excursion to Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb in 2015.
You don’t always attain your goals, but having a great attitude, surely helps.

Here are the Pikes Peak videos, feel free to watch and share them!

Mr Lister: 2008 La Carrera Panamericana

In 2008, La Carrera Panamericana sported a Lister. Memories resurrected with the Collector Car World news that appeared in my inbox today.

Click on the photos to be redirected to an Autoblog recap of the 60 year anniversary (Lister Knobbly proposed continuation) and the results from Barrett-Jackson 2015 Auction, brought to you by Sports Car Digest.

#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP

#458 Mr Lister Dia Uno_2008 LCP


#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP_Stage1

#458 Mr Lister 2008 LCP_Dia Uno_Stage 1

A Class Act with a Classic Car: ’54 Hot Rod Lincoln

The holidays bring moments of connection; past, present & future.

Tom Overbaugh, Paul Wendt and Corky Robinson will forever be folks that I am grateful to have met. The connection always brings a smile.

Recently, I received an email from Tom.  “Paul and I did a presentation at the International Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen on Saturday.  We talked for TWO! Hours.

La Carrera Panamericana still enraptures and enthralls!

Here’s a write up from the Ithaca Journal.

Team 426_Zacatecas in 2008

Team 426 in Zacatecas 2008

Qualifying Day: La Carrera Panamericana 2014

It snuck up this year.

La Carrera Panamericana usually ends on or near November 2nd, All Souls Day. If you work backwards, that would put the start date right around October 24th. It’s a full week ahead of schedule!

So, I’ve been ignoring the ramp up, until this morning when the familiar pi-plunk rain drop aural notification from my cell phone indicated a message had arrived.

The gray bleary weather outside reflected my remonstrative self, procrastinating the work day as I rolled to look over my messages and email. What’s new? Maybe something grand is happening in the world and someone wants to tell me about it.

Twitter feeds from Rene Ortega @RANACHILANGA download to my cell phone. A tap on the url link from his tweet, and, then.., a glow begins. There IS something grand happening in the world.

Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Rene’s posting shows the Prensa (Press) sticker being placed on their car. I sit up still staring at the photo and a smile emerges remembering that feeling. The excitement of being at the start of La Carrera Panamericana!

It was seven years ago when Roberto Mendoza, who was in charge of publicity, agreed to consider my blog as Prenza material. I was elated, thrilled!

Ah? But, the challenge. Only one Prenza door panel remained. Our resourceful driver, Antonio Peñaflor came to our rescue and found the answer at the driver’s meeting that night, another door panel. It read Seguridad.


Prensa Pass

Prensa on One Side, Seguridad on the Other: Copyright RoadRallyRhythsm.com

Prensa on One Side, Seguridad on the Other
Photos copyright RoadRallyRhythms

The best of both worlds!

Viva La Carrera Panamericana!!!

Click on the links around this blog’s header to follow along with those in the race this year. Check out Facebook for a plethora of posts and photos. Click on the map below to link to the Official La Carrera Panamericana website for maps, routes, and daily result postings.

La Carrera Panamericana 2014 Route.

La Carrera Panamericana 2014 Route.


Swag For Rail Project: ChumpCar World Series

ChumpCar World Series: Pacific NW Style

Walking out of ChumpCar World Series Race Central Sunday afternoon on an all-weather Labor Day weekend, I encounter The Ridge track workers carrying an aluminum rail.

Turn 5 Guardrail: The Ridge MotorSports Park

Turn 5 Guardrail: The Ridge MotorSports Park

Now, who of you would not process that something grand is about to happen?

A question proffered to filming for posterity received a resounding, “Yes! C’mon!”

Giggles surface while walking the Paddock and watching these guys hunt down the lucky recipients: The Great Canadian Oil Burners, Team # 411.

It's Ours?

It’s Ours?

Arriving at their pit stall brought all sorts of incredulous smiles and exclamations, “We actually get to keep it?”

It’s yours, you ‘bought’ it!” came a wink and a nod toward Turn 5’s Armco aluminum barrier, bump-tested in Saturday’s afternoon endurance Race #2.

“Wow! Let me get straps for the trailer!”

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

You think they’ll see their way fit to letting us through the border?”

Prior to signing their aluminum contract, the entire team and their fans had recently returned from a Race Central foray, buying out every last item of The Ridge seasonal swag that fit.

It seemed a win-win-situation and a grand exchange!

Needless to say, ChumpCar World Series rocks!

Results (courtesy of MyLaps Sports Timing):
More photos:
The Ridge: “NOT The Fortyfortyfortyfortyforty-four”

Turn 15 at The Ridge

Turn 15 at The Ridge: Chasing #925, Chotchkie’s Racing

Down the front stretch

Down the front stretch: The Great Canadian Oil Burners

Team # 411, The Great (and amazing :) Canadian Oil Burners

Team # 411, The Great (and amazing) Canadian Oil Burners

’69 Datsun Roadster: Race or Restore ?

Garaged for the Night 69 Datsun RoadsterIt is so nice to have my baby back! Just in time for Indian Summer cruising in the PNW.

Group2 MotorSports got it purring, but we had a prompt return to fix a vacuum advance issue. Seems the engine is not quite original and the high performance aspect was not wholly considered in the first set of specs used for adjustments.

In Honor of Lucha Libre Racing

All better now!

Test run this evening and my coach, who is riding shot gun reminds me, “These are high performance cams!”

Happy to be here – Paul medaled! – Nuevo Laredo arch, 2008

Oh my!






Brings back wonderful memories of Lucha Libre Racing in La Carrera Panamericana!

Gerie, Paul, Michael – Nuevo Laredo 2008 LCP Finish Line