Do It All Over Again!

Had a great conversation with a co-worker today about La Carrera Panamericana.

And found a few new photos: Flickr.com_La_Carrera_Panamericana_2013



Now, I ask you…,

How do you spin a glorious time and experience into 15 minutes or less?

It’s just not doable.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

ZacatecasSo, we talk about the history of Mexico and the beauty of the interior of Mexico. I explain, with wide eyes, the entrance to the oldest bull ring in North America found in Zacatecas and how it has become this fabulous boutique hotel.

Then, there’s the intricate architecture found on the cathedrals in the towns along the race route, the aqueduct in Morelia, and how, it’s a shame, that many US citizens only know Mexico by its resorts and border towns.

What is great to see as the 2013 La Carrera Panamericana photos get sorted out on the internet, and more make their appearance every day, is the human interest aspect of the race.

How many of the photographers, service crew, fans, support staff, and maybe a few of the racers themselves will return to their countries of origin that much more enriched from their experience; each dealing with their PCSD (Post Carrera Stress Disorder), in his or her own way.

Waiting until next year to fulfill a dream, or… just do it all over again!

Enjoying the Moment

“Did you find what you wanted?” my brother-in-law asks.

“Did I find what I wanted?” I retort laughingly. “I didn’t go to La Carrera Panamericana to find something I want, I went to enjoy something I love!”

It’s a hard concept to explain and even harder for people to understand why anyone would find joy in little sleep, hard work, long, strenuous days driving across the countryside, and plunking down pesos for entrance to a banos that is unclean, unkempt, and the TP garnered is from your own supply! But, those are only minor inconveniences.

2008 Aguacalientes

2008 Aguacalientes

How do you explain the thrill of seeing friends in their vintage racecars coming through yet another arrival arch and knowing the trials and tribulations it took them to get there? The well-wishes, the camaraderie, the knowledge that you get to drive really, really fast along country roads in a vehicle that was made for yesteryear. Enjoying the sights and sounds of a country that in some ways is so advanced and in others, so rural that it is hard to comprehend the lifestyle.

Auguacalientes Zocolo

Auguacalientes Zocolo

Is it possible to share the delight of having a beer or two in the town square where hundreds of onlookers and fans gather to wish you well and to thank YOU for coming to their country? Where kids want a Kodak moment in front of their favorite racecar or vie for an autograph on one of its postcards?

And then…, in the quieter moments of the late evening after the driver’s meeting is over and done with and the mechanical aspects of the racecar are satisfactory – the bench racing and daily stories come to the forefront and laughter erupts until tears hit the floor.