Qualifying Day: La Carrera Panamericana 2014

It snuck up this year.

La Carrera Panamericana usually ends on or near November 2nd, All Souls Day. If you work backwards, that would put the start date right around October 24th. It’s a full week ahead of schedule!

So, I’ve been ignoring the ramp up, until this morning when the familiar pi-plunk rain drop aural notification from my cell phone indicated a message had arrived.

The gray bleary weather outside reflected my remonstrative self, procrastinating the work day as I rolled to look over my messages and email. What’s new? Maybe something grand is happening in the world and someone wants to tell me about it.

Twitter feeds from Rene Ortega @RANACHILANGA download to my cell phone. A tap on the url link from his tweet, and, then.., a glow begins. There IS something grand happening in the world.

Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Rene’s posting shows the Prensa (Press) sticker being placed on their car. I sit up still staring at the photo and a smile emerges remembering that feeling. The excitement of being at the start of La Carrera Panamericana!

It was seven years ago when Roberto Mendoza, who was in charge of publicity, agreed to consider my blog as Prenza material. I was elated, thrilled!

Ah? But, the challenge. Only one Prenza door panel remained. Our resourceful driver, Antonio Peñaflor came to our rescue and found the answer at the driver’s meeting that night, another door panel. It read Seguridad.


Prensa Pass

Prensa on One Side, Seguridad on the Other: Copyright RoadRallyRhythsm.com

Prensa on One Side, Seguridad on the Other
Photos copyright RoadRallyRhythms

The best of both worlds!

Viva La Carrera Panamericana!!!

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La Carrera Panamericana 2014 Route.

La Carrera Panamericana 2014 Route.