Race Cars are Starting to Rumble

And, blogs are starting to roll…,

www.blogranachilanga.tk    Rene has been hard at work in the past few months getting plans together to run the race route, photographing and documenting all the wonderful places and the fabulous times this historical race can bring. Definitely, another blog you want to have in your repertoire and bookmark. You can also follow him on Twitter (Rene Ortega@Ranachilanga) and FaceBook.

www.martinstaxi.com    Perusing through the list of participants last night, it was great to see El Taxi Perdido racing with a host of other Alfa’s in the Histόrica A+ class. They are a well-loved team and have a growing fan base within the US and Mexico. Follow along in their travels and adventures through El Taxi Perdido’s Blog posts. Be sure to bookmark them and check back often.

http://www.applefarmerracing.com/   Apple Farmer Racing is one of my two favorite race cars and teams from the NW! Running a beautiful red apple ’53 Studebaker in Turismo de Producciόn this year, I have no doubt crew mate Steve Berry plans to spin a good yarn or two and provide beautiful photos of his team’s travails along the way.

http://www.funksterwtf.blogspot.com/   Kristin’s indomitable spirit flows through her writing and keeps us apprised of the “never a routine day” in La Carrera Panamericana. She’ll be part and parcel to Team #11’s quest for the podium in the tough running Turismo de Producciόn class.

http://wheeled-and-rolling.blogspot.com/   Jorge’s got a pension and passion for rally racing and it shows in his blogs. No doubt he’ll be keeping us well-informed about this year’s La Carrera Panamericana. Bookmark his blog or run an RSS feed so you don’t miss out!

http://www.datsunpanamericana.blogspot.com/  A team that runs close to my heart in their love for all things Datsun. Francisco aptly handles a Datsun 510 in the Histόrica A + class. It’ll be fierce competition with a number of Alfa’s, Porsche’s and one lone Volvo. Keep tabs on this blog to keep your competitive juices flowing!

http://www.lscheller.blogspot.com/  The great High Speed Bull Shippers are ready for another round in La Carrera Panamericana. Lauren performs a tremendous and skillful job, being co-piloto for her Dad during the day in their Original PanAm class Ford Victoria, and super adept blogger at night. It is no small feat to put in those hours. Follow along as she keeps us informed about her racing escapades through great content and photographs.

http://panamrace.blogspot.com/ The Silver Fox has the honor of being piloted by Gerie Bledsoe with his exceptional co-piloto El Fer. They make for one fantastic team! A beautiful silver Studebaker is their ride of choice through this year’s La Carrera Panamericana. It places them squarely in the Turismo de Producciόn class which has, by far, the most variety of historic cars in this year’s race. Studebaker, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford and JL Holden are all represented well.

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    • Thanks Kristin! You all are the ones making history… I’m just having fun compiling it! Best of luck come race day! Looking forward to reading about your escapades when you have time.