Mr Lister: 2008 La Carrera Panamericana

In 2008, La Carrera Panamericana sported a Lister. Memories resurrected with the Collector Car World news that appeared in my inbox today.

Click on the photos to be redirected to an Autoblog recap of the 60 year anniversary (Lister Knobbly proposed continuation) and the results from Barrett-Jackson 2015 Auction, brought to you by Sports Car Digest.

#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP

#458 Mr Lister Dia Uno_2008 LCP


#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP_Stage1

#458 Mr Lister 2008 LCP_Dia Uno_Stage 1

Tidbits and Tales to the beginnings of an adventure….,

Sierra Madres
Road to Oaxaca

Recollections from LCP 2008

You know you are far from home when the plane lands and then makes a 360 degree turn to taxi along the same runway it landed on.  As the plane slowly returns to the terminal, you frantically scan the horizon for flying headlights and pray to God you’ll make it home safely.

You realize and appreciate the safety of roll cages in La Carrera cars after you experience a 30 kilometer drive at night in a local Tuxtla-Gutierrez taxi cab. After passing 12 cars and trucks on the road, you quit counting and stare out the side window so the anxiety rising in your throat can be quieted by the humid air and familial sights taking place in this beautiful country of Mexico. Just sigh and leave the rally car racing to the taxi cab driver.


Chiapas Fairgrounds prepping for 2008 La Carrera Panamericana!

You meet your Servicio crew mate waiting at the door of the motel. “You, Marcia? he asks. “Yes,” I reply with a smile. “Thought so,” is the simple return, and we nod to each other’s appraisal that we will work well together.

The next day, you’ve joined your crew.


GT Racer film crew

At the fair grounds where the vintage racecars are staged, you get to walk around and view those cars that send tingles up your spine and those cars that make you smile.

Compadres arrive with wide-eyes of surprise and well-wishes. New and interesting people abound and everyone is prepping for the greatest endurance race in North America.

Dia 2, 2008 La Carrera Panamericana outside Oaxaca

Race Day: You know you have left the comforts of your country and have begun an exceptional adventure when, on the first day of the race, you stop at a Pemex gas station to use the facilities and give some of your pesos to another woman who has none. As she readies to leave, she thanks you for your help and, in a heavily accented voice, introduces herself as Mrs. Stig Blomquist!


Viva La Carrera Panamericana!!!