’69 Datsun Roadster: Race or Restore ?

Garaged for the Night 69 Datsun RoadsterIt is so nice to have my baby back! Just in time for Indian Summer cruising in the PNW.

Group2 MotorSports got it purring, but we had a prompt return to fix a vacuum advance issue. Seems the engine is not quite original and the high performance aspect was not wholly considered in the first set of specs used for adjustments.

In Honor of Lucha Libre Racing

All better now!

Test run this evening and my coach, who is riding shot gun reminds me, “These are high performance cams!”

Happy to be here – Paul medaled! – Nuevo Laredo arch, 2008

Oh my!






Brings back wonderful memories of Lucha Libre Racing in La Carrera Panamericana!

Gerie, Paul, Michael – Nuevo Laredo 2008 LCP Finish Line