The Spirit of La Carrera (Viva El Espiritu de la Carrera!)

It all started because I was tired of having my two young teenage boys watch 21st century high impact movies with special effects and no content. I coaxed and cajoled them into watching Cannonball Run; the 1970’s movie with Burt Reynolds, Dom Delouise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Adrianne Barbeau and a host of other characters including a very young Jackie Chan, racing across the U.S. in an endurance road rally. The antics and comic juxtapositions were good, clean fun. My boys rolled their eyes at the end of the show, intimating that their mother was very outdated, and swiftly switched the television to Nintendo® video games.

The next day I was lamenting to a co-worker the disappointment I felt in that there were no more balls to the walls cross country road rallies. There didn’t seem to be any more of those types of adventures available to us or America’s youth. It all came pre-packaged or so expensive it was unattainable. He smiled and mentioned that his father raced in an endurance road rally in Mexico. A seven day, “1965 and older” vintage car road race that spans 3000 kilometers with Mexican Federales pacing you all the way through local towns and highways; clearing the path for gringos, international race car drivers, and competitors who would be just as happy with a Corona in their hand as a trophy.

I became intrigued.

65 Chevy II SS

And so, the adventure began…,