My allegiances were sorely tested this weekend….

ChumpCar PIR_OctobrewNBrats

ChumpCar World Series

Currently, in a part-time capacity, I handle the registration for ChumpCar World Series West Region. A grand show, conjured up at Portland International Raceway, played havoc with my allegiance to La Carrera Panamericana. Both LCP and ChumpCar were placing the starting grid squarely on the same day. While Rene followed along with LCP (his photos are scrolling on the front page), I got involved with some pretty cool cats.

Octobrew ‘n Brats Grand Prix. ChumpCar World Series at PIR

Daryl Dyer (Captain of Team GI SHO) has been a long time racer and podium placer with the series. He, with his camouflaged 1989 Ford Taurus, is moving on… some say to SCCA… And, this weekend would be his last endurance race with the ChumpCar World Series.

As the world turns, GI SHO was pretty much dead in the water by late afternoon in Saturday’s 12 hour race. Cathy McCause (West Region’s ChumpCar Director) talked with Daryl. “So…, you’re saying you have another race car available?”

Daryl Dyer & FrankenSHO, Team #89

Seeds were planted and the growth factor, exponential!

Daryl and crew worked ’round the clock until 3am on Sunday. Here they appear on the tarmac at 8:45am; GI SHO door panels fully engaged, ready to race in the EC class for the next 6 hours!

Forty-eight teams registered and lots of newbies adorned this PIR event.

Sunshine and a dry track greeted us on Saturday, but it was a misty, moisty, morning come Sunday….

Lost tyre? Have jack? Will travel…
PIR ChumpCar World Series

The best part, for me, is what occurred in the pits. One team, Team Titleist #26 had not one, not two, but three engine change outs over the course of this incredible endurance weekend. The last engine was “borrowed” from Shift AutoSports who races two teams #71 & #70, and, coincidentally, won the endurance race on Sunday, 173 laps, Best lap time: 1:38.487.


Sunday My Laps:

Saturday My Laps:

Now, that’s the way to race!

Lots of fabulous spirit and goodwill.

Seems my dilemna is unfounded. That little El Spiritu de La Carrera crosses borders!

Mark Scholtz, Octobrew ‘n Brats Grand Prix
#128 Die Familie, ChumpCar World Series PIR