Mr Lister: 2008 La Carrera Panamericana

In 2008, La Carrera Panamericana sported a Lister. Memories resurrected with the Collector Car World news that appeared in my inbox today.

Click on the photos to be redirected to an Autoblog recap of the 60 year anniversary (Lister Knobbly proposed continuation) and the results from Barrett-Jackson 2015 Auction, brought to you by Sports Car Digest.

#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP

#458 Mr Lister Dia Uno_2008 LCP


#458 Mr Lister_2008_LCP_Stage1

#458 Mr Lister 2008 LCP_Dia Uno_Stage 1

A Class Act with a Classic Car: ’54 Hot Rod Lincoln

The holidays bring moments of connection; past, present & future.

Tom Overbaugh, Paul Wendt and Corky Robinson will forever be folks that I am grateful to have met. The connection always brings a smile.

Recently, I received an email from Tom.  “Paul and I did a presentation at the International Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen on Saturday.  We talked for TWO! Hours.

La Carrera Panamericana still enraptures and enthralls!

Here’s a write up from the Ithaca Journal.

Team 426_Zacatecas in 2008

Team 426 in Zacatecas 2008

’69 Datsun Roadster: Race or Restore ?

Garaged for the Night 69 Datsun RoadsterIt is so nice to have my baby back! Just in time for Indian Summer cruising in the PNW.

Group2 MotorSports got it purring, but we had a prompt return to fix a vacuum advance issue. Seems the engine is not quite original and the high performance aspect was not wholly considered in the first set of specs used for adjustments.

In Honor of Lucha Libre Racing

All better now!

Test run this evening and my coach, who is riding shot gun reminds me, “These are high performance cams!”

Happy to be here – Paul medaled! – Nuevo Laredo arch, 2008

Oh my!






Brings back wonderful memories of Lucha Libre Racing in La Carrera Panamericana!

Gerie, Paul, Michael – Nuevo Laredo 2008 LCP Finish Line


Do It All Over Again!

Had a great conversation with a co-worker today about La Carrera Panamericana.

And found a few new photos: Flickr.com_La_Carrera_Panamericana_2013



Now, I ask you…,

How do you spin a glorious time and experience into 15 minutes or less?

It’s just not doable.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

ZacatecasSo, we talk about the history of Mexico and the beauty of the interior of Mexico. I explain, with wide eyes, the entrance to the oldest bull ring in North America found in Zacatecas and how it has become this fabulous boutique hotel.

Then, there’s the intricate architecture found on the cathedrals in the towns along the race route, the aqueduct in Morelia, and how, it’s a shame, that many US citizens only know Mexico by its resorts and border towns.

What is great to see as the 2013 La Carrera Panamericana photos get sorted out on the internet, and more make their appearance every day, is the human interest aspect of the race.

How many of the photographers, service crew, fans, support staff, and maybe a few of the racers themselves will return to their countries of origin that much more enriched from their experience; each dealing with their PCSD (Post Carrera Stress Disorder), in his or her own way.

Waiting until next year to fulfill a dream, or… just do it all over again!

Lesson Plans

While we wait for the arrival of race day, I thought it prudent to take some time to better OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAunderstand what’s involved in participating in a road rally like La Carrera Panamericana.

Where to start?

I guess the best place is the starting line-up.

About one hundred opportunities to race a car in this 26th Anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana exist. Eighty seven of those have been set aside awaiting the arrival of the participants. If you consider the crews, friends and families, that’s a lot of folks heading to southern Mexico. This is a huge event!

At last post on the official La Carrera site, 35 slots have been filled by Mexican teams, another 21 hail from U.S. and Canada. Eighteen slots have been filled by international competitors, 10 teams are combining international, Mexican and US allegiances and 4 are reserved for Exhibition Class. Porsches and Mustangs abound in this race. Three original PanAm class racers from the US and Canada help keep the historic spirit alive!

(It may be of statistical interest to note where participants hailed from back in 2007 La Carrera Panamericana… (just happen to have stored that information) … 59 slots were filled by U.S. and Canadian participants. Eleven slots by international competitors and 27 reserved for Mexican racing teams.)

Each team (piloto and co-piloto) in a race car is placed in a particular class or category based on several specifications or regulations.

# of Teams       Class/Category                Team #


54 Studebaker

14             Tourismo de Produccion            2 – 99
Spec Highights: Sedan 1940 – 1954, 305 V-8 5000cc max. 500-600 cfm, In-line 6, 5000cc max. 600 cfm or 4 cyl. 2000cc, original configuration, 4-speed. Examples: Studebaker, Ford/Mecury, Jaguar, Morris Minor

10             Turismo Mayor                          100-149       Spec Highights:  Sedan 1940 – 1954, 366 V-8 6000cc, 305 In-line 6, 5000cc max. 600 cfm or 4 cyl. 2500cc, original configuration, 4-speed. Ex. Olds, Ford/Mecury, Studebaker, Cadillac

4              Sport Menor                              150-199

LT Special

LT Special

Spec Highights:  Sport car 1940 – 1954, 4 cyl. 2000cc for original and 1600cc for “modern.”  Ex. Porsche

3              Sport Mayor                              200-249
Spec Highights:  Sport car 1940 – 1954, In-line 6 2000cc bored up to 5000cc for original and 3000cc for “modern.”  Ex. Jaguar, Sam Burg’s LT Special

4              Historica A                                250-279
Spec Highights: Original manufactured car 1955 – 1965, 4 cyl. 2000cc  Ex. Porsche, 1962 TR6, Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

8              Historica A+                              280-299
Spec Highights: Original manufactured car 1965 – 1972, 4 cyl. 2000cc  Ex. Alfa Romeo Giula, Datsun 510, Volva 122, and El Taxi Perdido!

13             Historica B                                300-349
Spec Highights: Original manufactured car 1955 – 1972, 6 cyl. conforms to original manu. specs. Ex.  Porshe, 240Z

24             Historica C                                350-399
Spec Highights: Original manufactured car 1955 – 1965, V-8 600cfm and conforms to original manu. specs. Ex.  Chevy II SS, Mustang 260/289, Falcon, Dodge Dart

Ford Victoria

Ford Victoria

3              Original Pan-Am                        400-450
Spec Highights: Autos that participated in La Carrera in the 1950’s manufactured between 1950 – 1954, 4 cyl. original configuration, 4-speed. Ex. Hudson, Packard, Lincoln, Lancia, Ferrari

4              Exhibition/Unlimited                   451-499
Spec Highights: Any autos that don’t conform to the specifications for the other historic car groups/categories. Most entries are modern day sports cars. Ex. Porsche, BMW, Jag, Studebaker

You can see actual pictures of the participants and their cars if you click on the following url: LCP 2013 Participants




Dear God Almighty!

Blogging and website design has become rather sophisticated since last I launched the RoadRallyRhythms blog with TypePad in 2007. Bear with me as I learn all the fantastic features available on WordPress.

I love the scrolling image slider! It’s fun changing it up each day with photos I took as we ran the race route in La Carrera Panamericana 2007 & 2008. You can click on it to be transported to the picture’s page or any link associated with it! That is so slick!

2013_LaCarreraPanamericana_MapIt’ll make for great presentations as Rene (Ranachilanga) races through Mexico in this upcoming 2013 La Carrera Panamericana capturing the moments, the history, and the excitement of the greatest road race in North America.

If you’ve got the time, give me feedback on what you want to read or see developing (comments and email are always welcome).