Life is an Option, Death is Assured

Not exactly on the road track. Or, maybe it is?

Isn’t the rhythm of the road, similar to the rhythm of life?

Lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of inspirational quotes. It seems silly to have a blog and not write. This particular “true story” was written some years ago. The point of it is to inspire. For those of you reading who have not experienced tragedy or loss, if you live long enough, you will. May this be a reminder to reflect on your priorities and remember that ….


Life is an option, Death is assured.

Remember this.

One of the gifts given to Yvette* on her 50th birthday was a bell on a jeweled, woven, handcrafted strap.

It’s purpose?

When it chimes, you are supposed to remember to live in the moment.
Another day, another time, I would have thought the gift a bit dramatic, a bit silly, really; but, not now, not at this juncture of my life. I thought it sweet and showed the thoughtful wisdom of the gift-giver.

Death is simply a part of Life – I know that and you know that. It still doesn’t make it any easier to bear when someone you love is taken. Especially, when they are taken before you have time to say good-bye. It is a void that, even with the love of family and friends and the words of well-wishers, is impossible to fill.

Time helps, but death takes its toll.

It is the knarly, wrinkled hand that you want to slap away in dreams, but it keeps returning to seize your heart. It grapples and squeezes, causing great wrenching sobs, gasps for air, and undulating shoulders till your wracked body falls in a great heap in a corner, hoping no one will see, no one will notice. And, all the while only wanting warm, inviting arms to envelope you, hold you, and take the ache away.

Life is painful, even tragic at times, and the hurt and the emotional anguish brought to bear can bring distrust, a guarded soul, reservations and wariness, and strong judgmental opinions of others.

But, there is another side.

It can make you empathetic, if you let it.

It can allow you to move beyond the confines of your self and, in dealing with your own, understand the pain of others and provide them some comfort.

It is an impetus to celebrate great moments in life, together. And, it can allow you to live in the moment and be present with all the enthusiasm, care, and love you can offer.

Remember this.

Life options

Sunset Over Puget Sound (July 2014) Courtesy of Zoe