What’s the Draw?

Many feel they are meant to win. Or, they are sponsored to win. They don’t put in all this time, effort, or money to take a back seat. The desire is to win! It’s the premiere motivating factor.

Gerie’s ’64 Nova and Mustang on oval
Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Others arrive for the love of a historic road race, to take a chance, to meet with racing enthusiasts the world over, to duke it out with the elements, to refresh friendships, to compete with the best, to make contacts for business and pleasure, to see the entire breadth of an incredible country and the warmth of its people, to spend horrendous amounts of money in hopes of keeping their historic race car on the road and finishing La Carrera Panamericana.

It is an adventure, plain and simple.

You’ve got to understand that and take the good with the bad and make the best of what is dealt you.

It takes tenacity, resourcefulness, good will, thoughtful process, a tremendous amount of energy, skill, and the acceptance of very little sleep.

2011 Gregory's Orig PanAm Courtesy Ranachilanga

2011 Gregory’s Orig PanAm
Courtesy Ranachilanga Photography

Is it worth it?

You decide for yourself.

While the race teams ….,

get ready to roll!