Swag For Rail Project: ChumpCar World Series

ChumpCar World Series: Pacific NW Style

Walking out of ChumpCar World Series Race Central Sunday afternoon on an all-weather Labor Day weekend, I encounter The Ridge track workers carrying an aluminum rail.

Turn 5 Guardrail: The Ridge MotorSports Park

Turn 5 Guardrail: The Ridge MotorSports Park

Now, who of you would not process that something grand is about to happen?

A question proffered to filming for posterity received a resounding, “Yes! C’mon!”

Giggles surface while walking the Paddock and watching these guys hunt down the lucky recipients: The Great Canadian Oil Burners, Team # 411.

It's Ours?

It’s Ours?

Arriving at their pit stall brought all sorts of incredulous smiles and exclamations, “We actually get to keep it?”

It’s yours, you ‘bought’ it!” came a wink and a nod toward Turn 5’s Armco aluminum barrier, bump-tested in Saturday’s afternoon endurance Race #2.

“Wow! Let me get straps for the trailer!”

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

You think they’ll see their way fit to letting us through the border?”

Prior to signing their aluminum contract, the entire team and their fans had recently returned from a Race Central foray, buying out every last item of The Ridge seasonal swag that fit.

It seemed a win-win-situation and a grand exchange!

Needless to say, ChumpCar World Series rocks!

Results (courtesy of MyLaps Sports Timing):
More photos:
The Ridge: “NOT The Fortyfortyfortyfortyforty-four”

Turn 15 at The Ridge

Turn 15 at The Ridge: Chasing #925, Chotchkie’s Racing

Down the front stretch

Down the front stretch: The Great Canadian Oil Burners

Team # 411, The Great (and amazing :) Canadian Oil Burners

Team # 411, The Great (and amazing) Canadian Oil Burners